Phineas Taylor Barnum Phineas Taylor Barnum Mother's Snuff Box "My mother taught me that I should still save my pennies, and I did so." Left with five children at the death of her husband, with Phineaus Taylor Barnum the oldest at fifteen, Irene Taylor Barnum relied on her enterprising spirit. This snuff box is attributed to that strong woman. (1938.1.1) 96436552 Charity Hallet Barnum "Of all the young people with whom I associated in our parties, picnics, and sleigh-rides, she stood highest in my estimation and continued to improve upon acquaintance." Charity would remain Barnum's love and stronghold through the course of their marriage. They had four daughters together, with three surviving to adulthood. (number unknown) 92905794 Marriage Certificate "I do not approve or recommend early marriages...But although I was only little more than nineteen years old when I married, I have always felt assured that had I waited twenty years longer I could not have found another woman so well suited to my disposition and so admirable and valuable in every character as a wife, a mother, and a friend." (2007.2.36) 96436554 Herald of Freedom "I began my life as a Democrat, and my newspaper, The Herald of Freedom, was a Jackson-Democrat Journal." As such, the paper serves as a wonderful historical document that attests to political attitudes of the day. Barnum does change his party affiliation in the years leading up to the Civil War. (number unknown) 92905795 Lindencroft "All that taste and money could do was fairly lavished upon Lindencroft; so that, when all was finished, it was not only a complete house in all respects, but it was a perfect home. And a home I meant it to be, in ever and the best sense of the word, for my declining years. Consequently, from basement to attic, everything was constructed, by days work, in the most perfect manner possible. Convenience and comfort were first consulted, and there-after, with no attempt at ostentation, elegance, pure and simple, predominated and permeated everywhere." (number unknown) 96531899 Architecture and Politics "I was informed that the Wide-Awakes were to parade that evening and intended to march out to Lindencroft. So I ordered two boxes of sperm candles, and prepared for a general illumination of every window in front of my house." After joining the Republican party in 1860, Barnum actively campaigned and supported their causes. Including this march to his home by a radical Republican group. (1996.14.2) 96436555 Barnum and Waldemere "When we moved into this new residence, we formally christened the place "Waldemere," literally, but not so euphoniously, "Waldammeer", "Woods-by-the-Sea," For I preferred to give this native child of my own conception an American name of my own creation." Barnum's third home was built with classic Victorian details such as spindle work and a tower complete with a steeple. (number unknown) 96532199 As a Statesman "I had never sought or desire office, though it had often been tendered to me. This was notoriously true, among all who knew me, up to the year 1865, when I accepted from the Republican party a nomination to the Connecticut legislature from the town of Fairfield, and I did this because I felt that it would be an honor to be permitted to vote for the then proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States to abolish slavery forever form the land." (2003.9.55) 96531900 Beaver Felt Hat "Upon my mentioning, among other projects, that I had an idea of collecting the hats of distinguished individuals, [General Grant] at once offered to send an orderly for the hat he had worn during his principal campaigns." Beaver felt hats were so popular among prominant society that the beaver was hunted to near extinction. This was Barnum's white beaver felt top hat, our own hat of a distinguished person. (1971.2.1) 96436553 Victorian Pleated Dress Shirt "True economy exists in always making the income exceed the out-go. Wear the old clothes a little longer if necessary; dispense with the new pair of gloves; mend the old dress; live on plainer food if need be; so that under all circumstances, unless some unforeseen accident occurs, there will be a margin in favor of the income." Part of the frugal behavior of the day was to purchase multiple cuffs and collars, for those were quickly dirtied and easily replaced. This monogrammed shirt is lacking its collar for such a reason. (EL 1988.6.1) 96436556 Nancy Fish Barnum "In the autumn of 1874 I married again. My second wife is the daughter of my old English friend, John Fish Esq., whom I have embalmed in the thirty-second chapter of this book, under the title of 'An Enterprising Englishmen.' We were married in the Church of the Divine Paternity, Fifth Avenue, New York, by my old and esteemed friend, the Rev. Dr. Chapin, in the presence of members of my family and a large gathering of gratified friends." Barnum built his final mansion, Marina, for his second wife. (number unknown) 92905793 Baby Grands "At Christmas, in the same year, my children and grandchildren dined with me, and finding on 'counting noses,' that they would number the inevitable thirteen, I expressly arranged to have a high chair placed at the table, and my youngest grandchild, seventeen months old, was placed in it, so that we should number fourteen." PT Barnum's legacy continued through his grandchildren, one of whom would change his last name so that the name 'Barnum' would not die out. (EL 1989.35.1) 96436551