Riotous Writing Riotous Writing Barnum, The Writer As a young man, Barnum wrote his opinion and published his writings. From the Herald of Freedom in the 1830s, to his work as a foreign correspondent in the 1840s, to writing his first autobiography in the 1850s, Barnum never back down from his principles. (I97.5.4) 168675062 Barnum's Release from Jail After serving his sixty day sentence for printing libel, Barnum was celebrated in Bethel Connecticut for continuing to publish while jailed. This print is from his autobiography where he describes his experience with the press. (BF 1991.32.2) 168675063 Election Politics Barnum was an avid Jacksonian-Democrat until the Civil War. His papers are filled with praise for Jackson and calls for his election. (number unknown) 168675075